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The reality is that we human being have only been given one Earth to work with.

Unfortunately, human activities have continuously degraded the environment and today environmental degradation is widely recognized as one of the major threats facing the planet.

For example Diarrhea, a disease caused by direct contact with human waste is attributed to the death of 1.6 million children globally every year.
In the same vein, a joint report by WHO and UNICEF published estimated that an approximate 2% of national GDP is lost every year due to lost of workers productivity arising from sanitation-related diseases.

Our believe is that preventing the loss and mitigating the risks of societal issues such as environmental degradation among others is not a task for ministries of health/environment or governments alone but requires active and collective participation of citizens, private organisations, civil society, media, and international organisations.

Therefore, we encourage you to join your voice and hands with other active citizens and organisations on this platform to prevent and end environmental degradation and her menace accelerated or caused by human activities today.

Together let us protect people against environmental harms that had not yet occurred.


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